Teen Corner

Anything is possible, the sky's the limit...

Here’s a safe little corner for you to access short yoga and fitness clips any time you like. It’s your health and fitness area.  So,  jump on your mat, and play around, it’s fun! All movement will improve your physical and mental wellbeing, it’s so important!

What do you need:

It’s just something relaxed and fun, so, have a cushion to hand for more challenging balances and also a cosy blanket for a few minutes of relaxation, definitely use a yoga mat if you have one to hand but a rug or carpet will be fine too!

The Yoga Clips:

Yoga clips will mirror traditional yoga sequences and standalone poses in an easy to follow way. The poses improve each time they are repeated hopefully encouraging attention to detail. You will learn to understand how to use both sides of the body and both sides of the brain, merging thought and movement equally. You will soon follow patterns and movements to recreate them yourselves.

The benefits:

The poses are often challenging enough to focus the mind while negotiating the body and pushing beyond perceived limitations, encouraging perseverance when the pose becomes difficult. Mindfulness becomes prevalent with the flow of the sequence and working in each individual pose. 

There will be mini meditative clips and fun breathing practices! Keep moving and have fun!

It's A Balancing Act...

Set yourself a challenge. Try something new, give yourself a focus. It could be anything, however small. Set the challenge, practice every day for 5 minutes or more and really focus your mind and work on achieving your goal. It’s fun and you’ll feel great once you’ve worked hard to achieve your aim. 

I’ve given you a little Yoga arm balance to practice – the ‘crow’ pose. It’s just a bit of fun but totally achievable. Have a cushion in front of you – for your peace of mind and keep practicing!

Once you’ve mastered it aim to hold the pose for longer!


I’m like you, some days I don’t feel like exercising, some days I don’t feel that good about myself, some days I don’t want to get out of bed. What motivates me to train is purely the knowledge that exercise always makes me feel better.

I love the freedom of exercising outdoors. I love the mental space and the release of movement. I feel strong and alive and I love the sense of achievement after a long cycle or run and the well-earned indulgence of a cup of tea at the end. I like to feel fit enough to enjoy these moments and that desire helps motivate me to exercise in the gym or studio. 

Stay Grounded

Stay grounded in this mini practice. Feel your feet on the ground as you practice challenging but fun standing poses. Let your mind focus on your movements while your body balances and adjusts to the poses. Let your mind become quiet while you call on your body to stay strong and balanced. 

You don’t need anything for this mini practice, just bring yourselves, although the ‘tree’ pose is easier with your socks off!

The physical and mental benefits of fitness and yoga sessions together provide the most rounded balanced workout for body and mind. They work for me and they will work for you.  Come join me!

Go With The Flow!

Sometimes you cant fight it, take yourself away, find some space on the ground and join me with this simple flow. Stretch your body, relax your mind, just go with the flow. 

and relax...

And to relax… post workout yoga, short sessions of flowing yoga, long stretches and relaxation, the perfect combination for your body and your mind. Always finish the yoga with savasanah. This relaxation flow, long stretch, a few minutes relaxation with a blanket and pillow and energising dragon breath to finish, glues it all together, body and mind, moving as one, in this space, at this time. Completing the fitness and yoga circle. 

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We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By using beachclubfit.com you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions Policy.